Best Philips Air Fryer Xxl Series

Looking for a fryer that can provide the results at home you see in restaurants, this the best fryer that can be found for about $300. Can also make your barbecue or oven chicken crispy!

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Best Philips Air Fryer Xxl Series

Philips Air Fryer Xxl – Best Picks

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Features Of Philips Air Fryer XXL Series

  • The Philips Xxl is the smallest, sleekest and simplest air fryer we tested. It’s easy to use with a side-by-side, and the square, squat design is ideal for cooking on a countertop.
  • It has a unique rotation system that cuts down on heat loss during cooking, and it has a “cooling” sensor that can reduce the cooking temperature by up to 20 degrees.
  • We chose the top-performing 5-quart model that had 6-7 minutes per batch cooking time, and it delivered thick, crispy fries with juicy skin.
  • You won’t find Wi-Fi connectivity or any smart features here—it’s designed for use in the kitchen, not as a step-up to an expensive dual-stage appliance. But it performs well and has great performance for the price.
  • You can control the temperature by setting on and off intervals, and this model has an LCD screen for monitoring cooking times, and an LCD guide so you don’t overcook.

If you’re interested in going the smart route, but you’d rather not pay more than $100, the airfryer under $100 will be excellent resource for you.

Common FAQs On Philips Air Fryer XXl

  1. How Many Litres Is the Philips Xxl Airfryer?

    3.5 to 4 litere varies from model to model. It measures 135x131x67cm.

  2. What Does the Philips Xxl Airfryer Look Like?

    The XL version has an 18-litre fryer basket, which is plenty big enough for most if not all of your fries, and it has a spill-proof lid for those chips on the edge.

  3. What Power Does the Philips Xxl Airfryer Have?

    There are two power levels available, and this will vary according to the power of the device you buy.

    The Philips XXL Airfryer has a total power output of 14W, and this gives you 30 minutes of continuous cooking on a medium setting. It has an auto shut-off for safety, and you have the option to set the temperature between 74C and 172C.

    You’ll get 45 minutes to an hour in your 30-minute cooking timer on high power, or 60 minutes to an hour on medium.

  4. What Features Does the Philips Xxl Airfryer Have?

    There’s a quick-release feature for easy cleaning, a long-life cutting and chopping blade, a safety probe and baking element that cookware that lock to the base and a burn-safe container to catch food drippings.

    There are also digital controls on the base for temperature, timer and timer delay, and it also has a large 500W fan that can be turned off at any time to stop it overheating.

    You can also control the Philips XXL Airfryer with your smartphone or via the Philips MasterCook app for IOS and Android.

  5. Does It Need a Separate Pan to Fry Food?

    Not necessarily, and it’s important to check the instruction manual on the Philips XXL Airfryer to make sure you know how to operate it with other food you might be cooking.

  6. How Does the Philips Xxl Airfryer Compare to The Greeneur?

    The Greeneur Airfryer has a 14.2-litre basket which offers up to 25 minutes of continuous frying, with 12 hour and 30-minute automatic timer options.

    Its power output is 9W and gives you up to 30 minutes on medium, or a maximum of 1 hour and 30 minutes on high.

    A cool-touch handle and a cupcake holder make the Greeneur suitable for baking as well as frying, and it comes with a flat non-stick baking mat. It’s also on sale at John Lewis for £39.99.

Philips Air Fryer Xxl – Final Thoughts

I’ve got the Philips: I got it when it was a bit cheaper, but it was something I really wanted. It was fantastic for its price point — for many years, it’s been the best budget air fryer. And over time, I’ve actually become more of a fan of air fryers than I was when I first bought mine.

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