In 2017, the gourmia air fryer has improved their line of air fryers by adding an Air for Step to reduce oil consumption and get you out of deep fryer frying.
With the Air for Step oil in the fryer, the air fryer can be used for foods with lower oil content, such as fish, breading, and vegetables. It also helps the air fryer to dry quicker because it’s used less. Plus, the Air for Step provides a gentle “handshake” to remove excess oil.
While oil use is reduced, gourmia air fryers are still certified to get up to 1,300 square inches per hour. The new gourmia air fryers also come in stainless steel for enhanced health and safety.
We’ll be testing all four gourmia air fryers to see how well they are performing.
In February 2013, gourmia announced a new digital air fryer, the GA10. The GA10 features a 250W heating element and a digital display that tracks the actual cooking time as well as how long the temperature holds at a desired setting.
The gourmia air fryer has two types of cooking modes: preheat and fry. In both cases, the fry setting turns the air fryer into a portable fryer with three levels of temperature control, preheat, and baked/over-browned options.
The digital display is a digital dome unit with a 10-minute timer for cooking and a 5-minute timer for preheating.
Air fryers are still fairly new to the market, but they seem to be catching on. The gourmia air fryer is only six months old and is already featured in our top 10 air fryers. The gourmia air fryer has a $129 retail price, which is much cheaper than most of the other air fryers on the market. However, this air fryer isn’t the most inexpensive, considering how much the price of other air fryers goes down as they are released to the market.
The air fryer comes with a flat plastic base, and although the gourmia air fryer seems sturdy enough for everyday use, air fryers are one of those products that should be placed on a flat surface or on a sturdy stand to prevent the bowl from toppling.
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