Best Oils for Air Fryer Cooking – Top Picks


The best air fryer oil is olive oil, but peanut oil is also a good choice. Coconut oil is not recommended because it has a low smoke point and does not have the same stability as other oils. The best oils are those with a high amount of saturated fats, which are healthy to use in cooking. Vegetable oils are also good choices, but they should be used after the food has been cooked because they have low melting points.

Preferred and Best Oil for Air Fryer Are :

  • Avocado Oil 375-400°F/190-205°C
  • Peanut Oil 450°F/230°C
  • Vegetable Oil 400-450°F/205-230°C
  • Sesame Oil 350-410°F/175-210°C
  • Olive Oil 375°F/190°C or less

Guys, you won’t use the similar oil for air-frying as you would for deep-frying, & the quantity won’t be equal. However, almost all of your dishes will require less to minimal oil. So, below is a top choice of oils to use in an Air fryer to prepare your dish healthfully and delightfully free from calories.

The best oil to use in an air fryer is one that has a high smoke point, meaning it can be heated to a high temperature without smoking or burning. Some popular oils that have a high smoke point include:

  • Avocado oil: With a smoke point of around 520°F, it’s versatile and healthy oil to use in the air fryer
  • Coconut oil: With a smoke point of around 350°F, it’s a good option for low-temperature cooking and has a mild coconut flavor.
  • Peanut oil: With a smoke point of around 440°F, it’s a great choice for frying and has a neutral flavor
  • Canola oil: With a smoke point of around 400°F, it’s a versatile and neutral-tasting oil that’s also low in saturated fat
  • Grapeseed oil: With a smoke point of around 420°F, it’s a good option for high-heat cooking and has a mild, nutty flavor

It’s also important to note that some air fryers have a non-stick coating that can be damaged by using oils that are high in acidity, such as olive oil or avocado oil, so it’s best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before using these oils.

List /Table of Best Oil for Air fryer

Detailed Reviews Of Best Oil for Air fryer

  • It’s ideal for elevated cuisine, such as sautéing and grilling (up to 450 degrees F). hence, it is one of the best oil for air fryer.
  • It’s cholesterol-free and produced entirely of avocados.
  • Roasting, sprinkling, and whipping into savory dishes are the most common examples.
  • Keep apart from direct sunlight in a cool & dry environment.
BetterBody Foods Refined Non-GMO Cooking Oil, Kosher, Keto and Paleo Diet Friendly, for High-Heat Cooking, 100% Pure Avocado Oil, 1 Liter, 33.8 Fl Oz


It’s the perfect and best oil when air frying. Avocado oil is a fantastic tool for creating delectable and nutritious dishes as this oil has a smoke point. Antioxidants, vital fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins are abundant in them.

Avocado oil’s advantage is to soothe & moisten dishes. Thus, they won’t work as effectively if you have oily skin. Utilizing avocado oil does not produce a lot of fat. This oil works with all sizes of airfryers. No matter what the shape or size is, or how much the quantity of food is, it works completely fine and is best air fryer.

  • This best oil for air fryer is supremely excellent for sautéing elevated food items.
  • It contains purified highly oleic peanut oil that has been properly (extractor) compressed.
  • This peanut oil has a pleasant aroma and is savory.
Amazon Fresh, Peanut Oil, 128 Fl Oz (Previously Happy Belly, Packaging May Vary)


Regarding high-heat sautés, Spectral High-Heat Purified Natural Peanut Oil is a fantastic option. Its perfect flavoring allows the tastes of your food items– veggies, fish, and meat – to shine. USDA plant-based, non-GMO, and OU kosher certification. It also falls under the category of Highest quality oil for an Air fryer. The sanctification method is utilized for creating soaps from peanut oil, as well as other seed oils. Also, Peanut oil is used as a moisturizer with no problems. Thus, peanut oil is the best oil to use in an air fryer.

  • Extra virgin oil is an actual Italian item.
  • The odor is refreshing and sweet, with a bitter and peppery aftertaste which makes it the best oil for air fryer.
  •  Extra virgin olive oil bears the CERMET label, certifying that it is made entirely of Italian olive grown and processed in Italy. hence, it is very natural and good for your health as well.
Amazon Fresh, Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 16.9 Fl Oz


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best oil for air fryer that has a deep scent & a pleasant aftertaste. The taste profile’s somewhat chili & bitter notes attest to this product’s Italian originality and purity and you can use in your air fryer. Olive oil would coagulate throughout transportation during wintertime. This olive oil has a smoke this oil is healthiest oil on the list , is organic and will not degrade the oil’s purity. Allow 24 hrs. for congealed oils to remain at atmospheric temperature. Fat and glucose are not used in this product. Put in a cool, dry place.

  • For exquisite stews, stir-fries, shellfish, and even making bread, you can definitely rely on this extra light olive oil.
  • In terms of flavor, extra light olive oil is mild and has a very pleasant scent.
  • This oil is natural as it’s prepared by a farm worker. You don’t have to worry about its authenticity. This is very good for your health and can be consumed daily.
Filippo Berio Extra Light Olive Oil, 101.4 Fluid Ounce


Lightweight olive oils are being utilized for a variety of purposes. It’s natural, and it produces the perfect-flavor, highest-standard olive oil on the market which makes it the best oil for air fryer. Lightweight olive oil is the healthiest oil choice for air frying. Our olive oils are prepared with genuineness to assist you to feed & stay healthy every day. Pompeian Extra Light Aromatic Olive Oil is the best oil for air fryer as it has all of the advantages of olive oil but has a milder flavor, creating it ideal for delicacy stews, stir-fries, and seafood.

  • Soya bean oil is the best oil for air fryer due to its various qualities. It is a healthy cooking oil made without using preservatives, chemicals, or other potentially harmful processes. Thus, it can be consumed by people who are suffering from various diseases.
  • This soya bean oil contains various natural antioxidants, Omega essential fats, and Vitamin E are preserved in this Cooking Oil, which is produced utilizing standard means techniques.
  • This soya bean oil has a longer shelf life, a longer frying existence, and better flavor durability.
Kirkland Signature Soybean Oil, 35 Pounds


The best oil for air fryer as Soybean oil is cheap and great as it does have a neutral taste. Stir-fry-friendly Cuisine from China. Soybeans and soy diets may help you prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, coronary heart disease (CHD), several malignancies, and improve bone density. Soy is high in protein that can be advantageous to our wellness if we consume one or two servings per day.

  • Vegetable oil is the best oil for air fryer as it has many nutrients in it. This oil Makes your cuisine fat-free. You can use it on a daily basis as well. The consumption of this oil is not at all harmful.
  • In each serving, there are no saturated fats. Thus, vegetable canola oil is the best oil for air fryer as it has high nutritional value and is good for your health as well.
  • This vegetable oil has a mild flavor and is not sticky which makes it the best oil for air fryer.
AVO ORGANIC 100% VEGETABLE Oil, 64 Fl-oz (Half a Gallon) NO preservatives added


Vegetable oils are well-known for their nutritional benefits, including serving as a primary supplier of nutrition and transporter of vital nutrients necessary for growing and blood sugar levels, protecting brain cells, and lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, among others. We can also use vegetable oil for frying or grilling in an Air fryer. Vegetable oil is one of the first and the best oil for an air fryer and is known to produce cookery substances. For about 8000 yrs, people have been manufacturing vegetable oil probably, for frying meals in it. You should definitely check this product out.


Buying Guide for Selecting Best Oil for Air Fryer

If you are in the market to purchase oil for your air fryer, it is important to note that air fryers use a lot of oil. The best type of oil to use in an air fryer is one that will not burn quickly.

Oil with a high smoke point would be perfect for this type of fry machine. Oil with a low smoke point will cause the oils to burn and create smoke while cooking, which makes it more difficult to keep the kitchen clean.

A light liquid vegetable oil can also work if it has a high smoke point.

  • Olive Oil is another good option but it doesn’t have as high of a smoke point as other oils.
  • Peanut Oil is a popular choice for air fryers because it has a high smoke point and a mild flavor.

When selecting the best oil for your air fryer, it is important to consider the foods you will be cooking. If you are going to be cooking chicken, fish, or other delicate meats, you will want to use a light vegetable oil with a high smoke point. If you will be cooking foods like French fries or onion rings, then you can use a peanut oil or another oil with a higher smoke point to use with your air fryer .

Remember, when selecting the best oil for your air fryer, to choose one that has a high smoke point and a mild flavor. Oil with high smoke point will help to keep your kitchen clean and will help to prevent the oil from burning while cooking. Oil with a mild flavor will not detract from the flavor of the food you are cooking .

Why do I need oil in an Air Fryer?

The purpose of oil in an air fryer is to help cook the food. The hot air that circulates around the food will not be enough to cook it properly. Oil helps to create a crispy outer crust on foods like French fries and onion rings. It also helps to prevent the food from sticking to the cooking basket.

How much oil do you use when Air Frying foods?

When cooking delicate meats, you only need a light layer of oil. For foods like French fries or onion rings, you will need to use more oil because they are denser and will require a longer cooking time. You should fill the air fryer up to the level that is specified in your owner’s manual.

Can I use Olive Oil in the Air Fryer?

While olive oil can be used in an air fryer, it does not have as high of a smoke point as other oils. Peanut Oil is a popular choice for air fryers because it has a high smoke point and a mild flavor.

Where to put oil in air fryer?

You can cook foods like chicken and fish in an air fryer without any oil. The key is the temperature, which must be maintained at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. The traditional deep fryer doesn’t require that much oil. You just place the item to be fried into the deep fryer and turn the heat up to high. Oil can be applied directly onto whatever you are cooking, and with air fryers, it’s best practice to apply the oil directly onto whatever you are cooking.

Frequently Asked Question on Best Oil for Air fryer

Q.1 Is Vegetable oil is Vegan?
⏸> Although not yet certified that it is vegan, none of the ingredients in our Pure Vegetable Oil are of animal origin.
Q.2 What are the nutritional facts of soybean oil?
⏸> 12 g fat..2g saturated fat…0 cholesterol…0 sodium..0 carbohydrates…0 fiber,0 sugar,0 protein.
Q.3 Does extra light olive oil has been refined without chemicals or solvents? Is this oil hexane-free? Has it been processed and produced in an allergen-free facility?
⏸> This oil is cold-pressed without any chemicals, including hexane. In addition, it is free of the Top 8 allergens as identified by the FDA.
Q.4 Is extra virgin olive oil good to use in soaps and lotions?
⏸> You could use Extra Virgin in the production of soap and lotion; however, as I’ve read the cold press character of Evo will give the soap a greenish color that some may find undesirable. if a greenish hue isn’t an issue with you, the grade of olive oil you choose is really immaterial.
Q.5 Is peanut oil safe to consume right from the bottle (raw) or does it must be cooked?
⏸> Spectrum Organic Peanut Oil can be consumed without heating.
Q.6 Is Container is BPA free? And does Avocado oil comes under best oil for Air fryer?
⏸> No labels on the bottle that say it is BPA-free. yes, it is the best oil for air fryer.
Q.7 What is the Healthiest Oil for air fryer to Use?
⏸> The healthiest oil to use in an air fryer is one that has a high smoke point. Oil with a high smoke point will not burn quickly and will create less smoke while cooking. Some of the best oils to use for an air fryer are peanut oil and light vegetable oils.

Methodology behind Best Oil for Air fryer Reviews

You should be aware of the mechanism of an airfryer and then learn about the oils. If oil is warmed, it will catch fire. There’s a chance you’ll get hurt or get significant injuries.

DO gently heat the oil over a moderate flame, uncovered. If combustion happens, turn down the heat.

While cooking, DO NOT leave unsupervised. DO NOT USE HOT OIL TO Fill up THE Container.

IF THE OIL CATCHES Lit Instantly, TURN OFF THE HEAT. To prevent re-ignition, keep the pot covered till it cools to cellar temperature.

DO NOT transport the container until it has cooled. DO NOT pour fluids in a burning or hot oil.

You have the list of the best oils for air fryers. The only thing that you need to keep in your mind is what kind of oil suits your taste buds. If you are willing to buy any of the products given above, Click on the product link. It will take you to the official Amazon page.

If we have missed some information regarding the best oils used in an Air fryer, let us know in the comment section below.

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