What Is An Air Fryer? Working Mechanism Explained!

Have you been asking yourself about how Air Fryer works? Do you worry about the health of Air Fryer?

WORRY! no more. The answers are apparent and self-explanatory. You have landed on the right page that answers all your questions about Air Fryer.

If the term air fryer sounds like a hot air, your speculations are correct. Air fryer is simply a kitchen appliance for cooking food through the circulation of hot air around it by convection heat. A kind of revolutionized appliance uses super heated air to cook in an air fryer.

It is a new invention from Phillips that offer satisfactory taste, with less oil. Frying method can help you get healthy and tasty foods in just a small appliance.

Do You Want to Know how The Air Frying System Works?

Air fryer uses circulating air technology to cook any type of food that has been previously cooked by dunking in a deep frying fat. Being rapid air means hot air in other words. This science behind this new technology works by air circulating to high degrees.

Let’s say up to 200 C with foods such as fish, chips, pastries, or chicken, among other related kinds with tablespoons of oil. Rapid Air Technology being used in these air fryers leads to a new generation of cooking methods that uses less oil. It leads to a new era of cooking appliance by using hot air to cook food, in Air Fryer. Air Fryer can brown off the foods very nicely with less fat of up to 80 percent as compared to traditional cooing equipment.

If space is problem for you, opt for small compact air fryers and also go for air fryers from 50$ to 200$. You can read more about airfryer problems.

Rapid Air Technology: A new generation of cooking equipment. The new era of cooking equipment.

What Is the Principle by Which an Air Fryer Works?

These are rather simple devices. An examination of mine revealed a heating coil, (very much like on my cook top), mounted above the food basket, accompanied by a fan. The appliance works just like my convection toaster-oven, only the AF has a slotted food basket and the outer carrier for it catches any/all drippings. COMPARISON: Where it takes the convection oven 75 minutes to come-up to temp. and bake a large potato; the air fryer can do it in 0:25–0:35.


working diagram for airfryer working

Different Parts Used By Air fryer in Working Mechanism

  • Timer and temperature dial: It is used for setting up time and temperature depending or air fryer recipe.
  • Electric heating element (electric eye): In air fryer heating element is comparatively smaller than traditional oven.
  • Fan: This fan continuously pushes the hot air in air fryer basket.
  • Food Tray: is used for keeping food.
  • Drip Tray: Drip tray used to collect residue of food like melted cheese, water, crumbs etc.

Air Fryer General Info-graphic

air fryer infograpphic full details

Air Fryer Vs A Convection Oven


Healthy and User-Friendly

If you want to understand the systematic processes involved in using Air Fryer method, then here we go. Air Fryer has a cooling chamber for radiating the heat from the heating point.

The heating point or the heater is usually close to the food. This makes the food to be heated efficiently and appropriately. The exhaust fan located above the cooking chamber helps to provide the required airflow.

You can understand that the exhaust fan provides the air since the cooking chamber is only open at the downward side. This means that the heated air that loses flow may constantly pass through the food. As such, every part of the food receives the same heating temperature that is required in cooking using the air fryer.

Using only a fan and grill helps Air Flyer to blast hot air at high speed when cooking. This helps to achieve the healthy attributes that you will experience when eating air-fried food since crisping and browning process is improved. It is that simple through innovative method of cooking.

Removable Tray of an Air Fryer

The Air Fryer has a chunky tray that is removable with a wider shape similar to the one of a large rice cooker. It provides the cooked food within 12 minutes, where the meal is crisped and hot for a healthier diet.

Cooking food using Air Fryer is healthier since it produces crispy and brown meals that are attributes of reduced calories. These foods include every fried food such as chicken, chips, or fish. Air frying method requires very little fat to cook food.

For instance, a batch of chips only needs half of spoonful oil and only takes 12 minutes to serve the meal. That is why Phillips CEO Pieter Nota said, “At Philips, we develop advanced solutions that help contribute to people’s health and well-being”

Exhaust System in Cooking Process

Interestingly, Air Flyer can take you fewer minutes to cook hamburger, steak, French fries, frozen chicken meat. You can be pleased to hear that with 25 minutes, you can bake a cake on Air Flyer. The Air Flyer has an exhaust system that controls temperature that might be increased by internal pressure.

The exhaust system is where the Air Flyer emits extra air that may not be needed to cook the food. The extra air is thoroughly filtered before being released. This is a major plus to environment. Meaning the Air Flyer is both user and environment friendly because it causes no harm or odor when using it.

Cooling System of an Air Fryer

Do not be afraid of the heated air that is used to cook food. Good news is that the Air Fryer has its own cooling system. The cooling system includes a fan that is mounted on motor axis to control the internal temperature.

This fan plays a major role in ensuring the environment inside the Air Flyer is clean and healthy. For instance, the cooling system ensures that fresh air is passed through the filters, as well as allowing the air circulates around the food to proceed to the bottom of the fryer around the food.

Allowing the passage of fresh air from top to bottom helps the Air Fryer to cool its internal parts. Therefore, there is no need to worry about healthiness of Air fryer.

Benefits Of Air Fryer

In other words, the Air Flyer provides several benefits to you as a user and the recipients of food cooked through it.

  • It helps the users who are nervous of using traditional chip pans to protect them from fire burning. 
  • It has been developed with it’s own protection measures including cooling systems and controlled temperature.
  • You will also experience more benefits when using Air Flyer.
  • Taste, health, and environment are all considered. Use one to give us more benefits. Hurry up today

Why you should buy the Phillips Air Fryer?

In addition to its convenient features and low price, the Phillips Air Fryer is a stylish choice. The design features an offset black body that’s easy to use, although it’s not designed to fit into tight spaces. The nonstick pot, which has a silicone liner, is made of high-quality stainless steel, which means you won’t have to scrub it down like you would with a nonstick pan.

The pot comes with a well-designed mesh basket, allowing you to cook safely and easily. This makes the air fryer a great choice for beginners who are looking for a high-quality foods with less fat .

This air fryer is just the right size to fit on the counter top of your kitchen. It’s also lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about the weight impacting your cooking experience. Its rotisserie function in airfyer is a great addition to the design, making the air fryer easy to use as a slow cooker as well. When it comes to safety, the oven is both temperature- and time-controlled, which makes it perfect for small restaurants and depending on the food it can help you in deep-frying or making chicken nuggets as it givens you even cooking in less cooking time.

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