Air Fryer vs Microwave Oven – What to Choose and Why?

This blog will share information about air fryers vs microwave ovens. As our blog contains various articles and videos on the difference between air fryers and microwave ovens. You can read reviews of different brands of both these appliances and also find tips and tricks for using them properly.

Coming down to the point “Air fryer vs Microwave Oven”, We are in a modern age of information and high mobility, everything we do require some element of speed and efficient result. It is the same with our cooking. Today, cooking should be brief, fast and stress-free.


Good enough we have our answers with technology giving us various cooking tools to choose from and at times, it gets confusing which of these long list of cooking technology you should pick for your kitchen.

In this article, You will go through

Spot Points: Air Fryer vs Microwave Oven

Incidentally, two most popular cooking appliances are available, which have reduced our stress considerably. They are the counter top air fryer and the convection oven. Technically, If you talk about air fryer vs microwave they do just the same, but this article will help you choose by comparing the two appliances to make an informed decision, and here you go.

Products to Compare
Air Fryer
Convection Oven
ImageVisual Comparison
Modern TechAdvanced with technology
Efficient CookingGood at Saving money
Crispy FoodBrings quality food to you
Cooking TimeThe time consumed for food processing
Power UseHow much electricity used

If you are like me who love to cook and to wonder the difference between air fryer cooking and the convection oven, to pick the best for your use. Sit tight and read on for answers.

Talking About Air Fryer

The meaty nature of air fryers means they can also be used to cook vegetables, and some air fryers can also cook pizza and nuggets. However, it’s best not to use air fryers to cook main courses. The high fat content means there’s more chance of food getting burned, and the reduced airflow from an air fryer can also result in food getting dry.

Air fryers cook foods by circulating hot air around them. The combination of fat and heat create intense heat that cooks foods quickly and effectively.

What is Air Fryer?

The American Science & Engineering Dictionary defines the term “air fryer” as an oven that helps to cook foods more quickly than with a conventional oven. But this is one of those “expensive and complicated” questions.

For the record, we also know that most toaster ovens are really toaster ovens and not for “cooking”.

How Much Do Air Fryers Cost?

Most air fryers are reasonably priced, and start from around £40. They’ll usually include accessories such as trays and baskets, which can be handy for storing leftovers.

How Long Will Air Fryers Last?

This I found as the most interesting doubt to clear in the comparison of air fryer vs convection microwave, an Air fryers are designed to work for a few years, so while there’s no minimum time required before it’s safe to use it again, the makers will advise keeping it

What are the Pro’s & Con’s using air air fryers

Pros: The food prepared with an air fryer tastes very good. For example, food cooked with an air fryer is crispier than that cooked in a regular frying pan. Also, the food is not greasy. You don’t need to use oil when cooking food with an air fryer.

Cons: You may need some basic kitchen equipment to prepare food using an air fryer. You need a deep-fryer, a frying pan, a griddle, and a stove to cook food with an air fryer.

Talking About Convection Oven

Convection ovens have been around for ages and are the most popular of all convection ovens. The key to a good convection oven is a large glass or ceramic baking dish filled with water and topped with baking powder and aluminum foil. You can cook different types of foods with different recipes.

It works by using high-frequency waves, which are generated in a magnetron and then sent through the cooking chamber and food.

What Is a Convection Oven?

With the microwave, you have a simple way to heat your food quickly and conveniently without any mess. The best part is, a convection oven can cook food more evenly than a conventional oven.

What Are the Best Convection Ovens?

In order to find the best convection ovens, we gathered the most popular models on the market. This list contains our top picks from Amazon.

When Should You Use a Convection Oven?

Convection ovens are not “better” than regular ovens, according to Zimco. They simply deliver results that are a little different. “Convection can create a drier heat and can take longer to get the food ready than other types of ovens,” Zimco said.

If you’re just making two sides for dinner and you’re short on oven space, a convection oven is the way to go. But if you’re baking a pound of pasta for an eight-course meal, you may not want to sacrifice that delicate pasta texture to a faster oven.

Criteria for Comparison Between Air Fryer vs Convection Microwave

The primary differences between these two types of ovens are the size, heating type, location of the fan, range of accessories etc. Both have heating elements but the main difference is where the air is heated to get the food cooked and what the fan does. Air fryers heat the air within the compartment while convection oven heats the air outside the compartment. Convection oven has larger range of accessories than air fryer.

In this article we will go through all these points so that you can choose the best one for your needs.


  • The convection oven cooks your food using convective heat transfer, a radiation generated from a heating element. The interior fans complete the job of heat circulation for even transfer of heat to food being cooked.
  • As for the airfryer, it uses rapid air technology, hot air from a heating element, blown down from the top by the system’s fans to cook the food.
  • Air fryer vs microwave convection oven Technology plays an important role in selection.

Size and smartness

  • As with size, air fryer is smaller (cavity is max 3 liters) than the convection oven (26 liters) making airfryer faster; it take less oil and space, making it a better and smarter option.

Efficient cooking

  • When a product is effective, it saves you time and money and between air fryer and convection oven, airfryer is more efficient because it uses the rapid air circulation system, making it 50% more efficient than the convection oven.

Capacity to cook more at a go

Air Fryers having small capacity usually have deep chambers because of that reason one can easily fry deep fries in it.
  • Looking at airfryer and the convection oven from a quantity of cooking at once, the convection oven has the edge because it comes bigger than airfryer cooker.
  • However, considering its efficiency and smartness, which may result in more cooking in little time, air fryer cooker still takes the lead because you can cook more in a short period.

Crisp and Juiciness Cooking

  • One of the reasons you cook is to have your food come out crisp, in this case, airfryer gives a better result than the convection oven. But to retain the juiciness of your food, the convection oven could be better. However, if you are a skilled cook, you can achieve both using the air fryer.

Price and durability

  • Price is important in choosing any appliance, as well as longevity of the item. 
  • As with price, it is a function of the product’s brand and model. But the convection ovens are more expensive than the airfryers.
  • For durability, airfryers are long lasting compared to convection ovens, because of their design.


Maintenance of air fryer is comparatively easy than microwave oven
  • In comparing the maintenance factor for air fryer vs convection microwave debate, Which is easy and convenient to clean the items, but more comfortable with airfryer than it is with the convection oven.

Allow me to end the debate: Air Fryer vs Microwave Oven

Air fryers are great for cooking without oil, because it removes excess oil which drains and collect at the bottom pan for easy remover, resulting in crisp and delicious food free of calories that would have come from oil frying.

Also make sure you have read our complete Air fryer guide , so that you can make an informed choice. If you are from the USA we recommend you check out the reviews at Airfryerreviews.

The answer is AIR FRYER. According to all the aspects taken in consideration for comparison we will choose Air fryer any day.

According to market researchers Jada Heider, Richard F.P. Uppedoer, and Mehmood Mian, the air fryer market will hit $3.34 billion by the year 2021. Will you be part of this growing trend? Well, what do you think?

Expert Thoughts

Therefore in the debate between convection microwave vs air fryer, Air Fryer makes my choice. Let me know what do you think in the comment box below 👇

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